What goes better than biking and music

You’ll find an excellent many positives that come with regular biking. It is great exercise, it enables you to empty your head and rest and it enables you to discover some of the more appealing natural surroundings in the local region.

Biking is also inexpensive, environmentally responsive (assuming you do not have a bloke driving behind you carrying your suitcase along using a suit and tie like a certain Prime Minister who will remain nameless) and good for all aspects of the body, from aerobic exercise to cardio vascular exercise.

One drawback, however, is that you possibly can’t quite listen to your music when you want to (also, travelling to that airport with suitcases in a particular ‘no no’). Playing your music when out and about on a bike isn’t nearly as simple as switching on the radio or playing MP3’s within the car. Naturally you may make a playlist, slap in some earphones and head out on your way, but you’ll probably soon find that the earpieces are falling out, or sweat is destroying them, or the noise of the wind and also the road are killing your best tracks.

We’ve tried the lot from frequently purchasing new earphones (time consuming and expensive), to taping them into our ears (you will look like a berk and also you won’t be capable of speak with anyone) and, to be honest; we typically found cycling to music to be an extremely frustrating experience. In one instance, we were even pulled over by police!

On the other hand, there are a few models of earphone designed with exercise like biking in mind. These earpieces are hard and sturdy, yet also insubstantial and high spec. But for every mock-up that claims to get these qualities and actually delivers on its statements, there are many which are lying about it. Ergo, this website was founded to sort out the lads from the boys, as it were.

We’ll provide you with updated news stories, evaluations and features, as well as helpful hints from cyclists and audiophiles (our hand-picked staff, naturally, inhabit both camps) and recommendations about which may be the uppermost performance type inside your price range.

Cycling and music go together like poetry and nature, cheese and marmite, or Tom and Jerry: perfectly. With our help, you are able to take advantage of these magnificent, life-affirming pastimes in a way that compliments both, as well as gaining an interesting insight into current sound invention methods.

We employ a vivid, easy idea on this site: ‘music = life, life = cycle’.